Unisex-baby grip fusion 2. Zero golfing shoe

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  • a hundred% artificial
  • artificial sole
  • microfiber
  • smooth foam
  • fusion foam
  • organic traction
  • water-resistant
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product description

inspired by means of the grownup’s grip fusion 2. 0, the grip fusion 2. Zero jrs. Boasts a really comfortable match, waterproof microfiber higher and sporty midsole with the intention to hold you cool and secure all-day lengthy. Inspirado en los angeles fusión de agarre 2. Zero para adultos, the grip fusion 2. 0 jrs. Cuenta con un ajuste extremadamente cómodo, parte superior de microfibra impermeable y entresuela deportiva que te mantendrá fresco y cómodo durante todo el día. Inspiriert von der grip fusion 2. 0 für erwachsene, the grip fusion 2. Zero jrs. Verfügt über eine extrem bequeme passform, wasserdichtes mikrofaser-obermaterial und eine sportliche zwischensohle, die sie den ganzen tag lang kühl und bequem hält. בהשראת היתוך האחיזה של המבוגר 2. Zero, פיוז’ן האחיזה 2. 0 jrs. מתגאה בגזרה נוחה במיוחד, גפה ממיקרופייבר עמיד במים וסוליה אמצעית ספורטיבית שתשמור על קרירות ונוחות לאורך כל היום. مستوحاة من مقبض فيوجن 2. Zero للبالغين، مقبض فيوجن 2. Zero لتر. يتميز بمقاس مريح للغاية، جزء علوي من الألياف الدقيقة المقاومة للماء ونعل أوسط رياضي يبقيك منتعشًا ومرتاحًا طوال اليوم. Inspirado pela fusão de aderência 2. Zero para adultos, o grip fusion 2. Zero jrs. Apresenta um ajuste extremamente confortável, cabedal de microfibra à prova d’água e entressola esportiva que manterão você fresco e confortável durante todo o dia. 灵感来自成人抓握融合 2. Zero,抓握融合 2. Zero jrs. 采用非常舒适的贴合,防水超细纤维鞋面和运动中底让您全天保持凉爽和舒适。 靈感來自成人的抓握 2. 0,握把融合2. Zero 小。 非常舒適的合身,防水超細纖維鞋面和運動中底,讓您全天保持涼爽舒適。 성인의 그립 퓨전 2. 0에서 영감을 받은 그립 퓨전 2. Zero 주니어. 매우 편안한 착용감, 방수 극세사 갑피와 스포티한 중창으로 하루 종일 시원하고 편안하게 유지합니다.


1 Little Kid, 2 Little Kid, 3 Little Kid, 4 Big Kid, 5 Big Kid, 6 Big Kid, 7 Big Kid


Little Kid (4-8 Years), Big Kid (8-12 Years)


High Rise-vibrant Orange, Puma Black-quiet Shade, Puma White-quiet Shade, Puma White-rapture Rose

6 reviews for Unisex-baby grip fusion 2. Zero golfing shoe

  1. Sarina Mitchell

    My granddaughter loved well, she said they are comfy.. Read more

  2. DaddyCaddy7

    Wow-woo-woo-wee-woo! Lacing up these gems will have you walking onto the course with more swag than a 13 year old at his bar mitzvah! Read more

  3. Angela Dunn

    Fit as expected and good quality. Would buy again Read more

  4. Andrea Cross

    I ordered these for my son, they are a great shoe! They are exactly what you would expect from Puma. My son has a small narrow foot, they are a more narrow fit than other brands. Read more

  5. eric

    Perfect Read more

  6. Yam

    Water proof Very comfortable shoes. Read more

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