Men’s santa cruz convertible slip on idler men’s slip on footwear

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  • one hundred% fabric
  • imported
  • preserve it informal: drop the pinnacle and take a ride down the pacific coast dual carriageway in these contemporary and elegant boat shoes guys want. These crocs for guys are appropriate for wear at the seaside and within the workplace.
  • men’s loafers: men’s slip-on shoes that provide a sleek and current silhouette but nonetheless provide smooth on and rancid. Crowned off with a nice layer of canvas material.
  • what length should i buy?: those footwear provide a comfortable match, so we propose ordering a length up to the following largest whole size.
  • all-day support: those guys’s slip on loafers have padded heel cups and dual crocs comfort fabric to provide all-day help, so that you just would possibly overlook they’re nonetheless on your ft, dude.
  • crocs for guys: lightweight design of a traditional crocs shoe with a greater informal style. The comfy fit and durable sole make them the slip-on shoes guys need in their cloth wardrobe.
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there’s a precise coastal sunday power kind of vibe to these slip-ons. Or a walk along the boardwalk. They’re even refined enough to wear to the office, even though the temper you’ll be stepping into is something but uptight. With soft and breathable canvas all round, the heels may be folded down for greater of a slide experience.

crocs, inc. Is a rapidly growing designer, producer and store of footwear for guys, ladies and children underneath the crocs emblem. All crocs brand footwear feature crocs’ proprietary closed-cellular resin, croslite, which represents a extensive innovation in shoes. The croslite fabric allows crocs to produce smooth, comfortable, lightweight, superior-gripping, and non-marking shoes. These specific factors make crocs best for casual put on, as well as for professional and recreational uses together with boating, hiking, hospitality and gardening. The versatile use of the material has enabled crocs to correctly marketplace its products to a huge range of customers.


7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15


Khaki/Cobblestone, Navy/Hazelnut, Light Grey/Slate Grey, Black/Black, Espresso/Walnut

8 reviews for Men’s santa cruz convertible slip on idler men’s slip on footwear

  1. Tzadak

    These are great. Purchased as house shoes, floors are cold in the winter time. I actually purchased another pair of Crocs, which when they arrived, I opted to return, due to the air or vent holes located on the outside area, near the small toe. I have had similar shoes, which tore in this area and opted to not chance that happening. So, I purchased these to use as house shoes, instead. These seem to be very well constructed. I was not crazy about these being shoes, instead of clogs, so I simply folded down the back of the shoe and opted to wear these as clogs or house shoes, they seem to work just fine. There is a seam or they are designed, so that heel section could be cut out, without damaging the shoe, which is what I might do, at a later date. Currently, simply walking on the back of the shoe, under my heel, it is not really that noticeable, not with socks on. These shoes are really comfortable, with or without socks, There is not any seams or any other issues, that would make these uncomfortable to wear, even without socks. There is a real thick insole, which would make these perfect loafers, for wearing on hot summer days, around the beach, doing lots of walking, at some amwifiusement park where you would have to worry about tennis shoes getting wet, etc… These are very well designed and are very comfortable. Not sure on sizing, my feet keep getting wider and wider and that can be a problem with many shoes I own or have owned. These seem to be wide, not sure about people with narrow feet? These are very similar to those shoes, retirees wear, however these are very comfortable, however these are much more comfortable vs the ones mentioned, which are typically very narrow and typically have very thin soles and are very uncomfortable, especially if you are doing a lot of walking. The only real issue would be, if you were doing something, where you were wearing these as clogs and you were walking on an uneven surface, because you could roll your ankle, due to the thick sole/insole. However, if worn as shoes, it should not be that much of a concern. Not sure how the sole of the shoe would last, if walking on lots of ‘brushed concrete’, soles are kind of soft, not hardened rubber. I would recommend these shoes. These seem well designed and well made and expect these to last for years. These shoes are very comfortable and are very light. Great shoe……. Well worth their cost. *******FFW 1yr******** Just recently replaced these shoes…. The fabric shoes do not seem to be as durable as the clogs made of foam. The Cruz tore, frayed, ripped, etc… with time….. I did cut the back heal part off with a razor blade… They did not look bad at all, after having done so… Must say, that all in all, for what was paid, they were a decent shoe… These would rank at the higher tier of these kind of ‘dock shoe’, type shoes I have owned. These were very comfortable and seemed to be well made, all in all.. It would appear, that the outer fabric is a bit thin, subject to tears and wear….These shoes are a great ‘casual loafer’ shoe….. Not an ‘ideal beach shoe’.. These don’t do well if they get wet, so washing away sand, getting them wet in the water, etc…. these are not the perfect shoe for that… Read more

  2. Robin Hoskinson

    My husband is standing all day on concrete & these are about the only shoes he can wear all day. Read more

  3. Average Joe 12

    These shoes are “fairly” comfortable with plenty of “cush” when walking. They do cut into the heel a bit, but I think that will loosen up with break in and over time. I own a few pair of Crocs “Walu” shoes which I use up in stages (the final stage being yard work), but the Walu’s are no longer available in my favorite color and size. So, these seemed to be the closest thing and decided to give them a try. I will agree with another reviewer in that these are moderatly comfortable (should improve with time), however they look “orthopedic.” The design is simply not casual “sporty” but rather more like you would see the mall walkers wearing to the morning “all you can drink” coffee meetings at McDonalds. They look “OK” I suppose, but not young or fashionable. And I am not so young myself, but ‘young” enough to avoid the Dr. Scholl look! I’ll keep these even though they will likely make it to the yard work “phase” before they normally would. But I am going to have to find something else. I do own Merrell’s and other brands in canvas summer shoes, but for me the Croc’s Walu’s served a purpose in they are casual, easy on/off, have a “look” which is appealing even with some patina. I cannot see these aging as gracefully as those and I suppose my only complaint is they do not fit my taste in appearance, as I had hoped they would. It is just that “orthopedic” look. But, the price is fair and I do believe with a short break in period they will be comfortable for wear. Read more

  4. Beachlover

    I got these in size 7 in blue and brown for my 5th grader. He wears size 6 in Target kids’ brand Cat & Jack and 7-7.5 in men’s Champion brand that are sold at Payless and Nike size 7 basketball shoes. Three different sizes but what can you do, every brand is different. I ordered size 7 and they fit him perfectly with socks and maybe without socks too but haven’t worn them yet . We only tried on with the socks. He liked the blue color more than the brown so I kept the blue ones. Can’t comment on how long they will last but they do look durable and comfy and I was pretty pleased with the price. So even though this is a men’s shoe you can order these for your kids if they have a bigger foot, my son’s foot is not wide or narrow but just average in width and I think pretty average in size for an 11 yr old. Read more

  5. Fox

    As I’ve been wearing (loving) a pair of crocs for several years I recently ordered three different pair to provide me with some choices in colors. My original pair were made in Viet Nam, these in China. While these fit I find the arch support is moved more forward than where my arch is located. Not terrible but noticeable; for $25 I’ll keep them. I’ll try and update when the other two pair are delivered (tomorrow). Read more

  6. TLW

    This shoe looks nice and the length seems right, but the “depth” at the instep, plus how far up the top of the foot the tongue is makes in impossible for me to get on. It has elastic on the sides of the tongue but little or no stretch. This might work for someone with a low arch and/or narrow feet but it won’t work for me, even without socks. I expected a lot more room from a Crocs product. Read more

  7. Jen_R

    My husband loves these shoes, they fit just as they should for the size. My husbands feet are a little wider but not enough to require a size wide when ordering shoes and these were very comfortable for him. Read more

  8. Buddy2007

    My wife surprised me for Valentine’s Day this year with these shoes. Initially, I didn’t think these would work for me, but after I tried them on and walked around a bit, I didn’t want to take them off. They really help my feet feel relaxed and have a very stable insole. I’m a big flip flop guy and love my Croc Flip Flops, but these Crocs give the flip flops a run for their money! Read more

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