Men’s escalade step

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  • one hundred% leather-based
  • imported
  • synthetic sole
  • clean care leather
  • bendy sole
  • non-marking outsole
  • breathable leather-based
  • comfort footbed
  • lining cloth – textile
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comfortable mens informal

clarks has been in enterprise for over one hundred years making very nice men’s get dressed shoes in a ramification of styles. Providing a wide range of top-first-class additives, clarks offers you the options you choice inside the nice you call for.


7, 7.5, 8, 8 Wide, 8.5, 8.5 Wide, 9, 9 Wide, 9.5, 9.5 Wide, 10, 10 Wide, 10.5, 10.5 Wide, 11, 11 Wide, 11.5, 11.5 Wide, 12, 12 Wide, 13, 13 Wide, 14, 15


Black Leather, Brown Leather

8 reviews for Men’s escalade step

  1. D.C.

    I don’t often write reviews on Amazon but am a Prime member and buy items often. I had to write a review of this purchase to let other’s know how extremely cheap the quality of this shoe is. I paid $51.99 for it and it has similar quality of a $20 dollar shoe from a Walmart brand.The leather is not the softest, the stitching from the leather to the plastic bottom is poorly made, and the bottom part actually feels really cheap plastic material. It even has that cheap “shiny” plastic look and are slippery. I am returning these, not even going to bother to get the right size. I thought I couldn’t go wrong with “Clarks” but I was wrong. Save yourself the money and buy yourself that $20 dollar pair of shoes instead of this, you’ll get the same quality. Read more

  2. BenH79

    These are my favorite Clarks shoe. I have been trying to find them for years, it seems they have been either out of stock or discontinued for awhile? I got really excited to see they were back and immediately ordered a new pair. I must agree with many others that the quality is not like they used to be. Unfortunately, it’s less than 2 weeks of wear and a seam is already busted on the side edge of the left shoe. They are worn as a daily work shoe and I had no major wear this past week and a half besides normal work hour routine and walking. I am disappointed by this, but maybe I got a dud? Read more

  3. Nathan Bartow

    My third pair of Clarks Escalades. Used to be a fantastic shoe, with all day comfort. Second pair lasted five+ years. Recent construction of the shoe is cheap, like, strip-mall shoe store cheap. Broke my heart I can’t get a replacement of my prior Escalades. They were fantastic looking and comfortable, and lasted for years. Not only does this one feel cheaply made, it looks trashy as well. I’ve since moved to Ecco shoes since I’ve tried several pairs of Clarks in the past year, and all seemed chintzy. Read more

  4. James

    These shoes look great and are comfortable. Everything you would expect from shoes of this quality and price point, EXCEPT, these are bar none the most noisy shoes I have ever owned in 48 years on the planet. If you only walk on carpet this will not be a problem but each step you take on a hard surface will come with the most obnoxious rubber squeak you’ve ever experienced. I work in a hospital and simply can not wear these while working. Patients need quiet and rest. These shoes are so loud they could wake a neighborhood. I’m extremely disappointed with this purchase. I’ve owned many pairs of Clarks without this issue – not recommended. Read more

  5. Ditters

    In 42 years of wearing shoes, this is the worst shoe I have ever owned, hands down. I have used Clark’s shoes for years. This was to replace my dress shoes that were 3 years old. When I got these shoes they were shiny leather. This morning I walked in some light rain to my car. The shoes got a little sprinkle of water on them but were by no means soaked. When I arrived to work, I looked down and the black finish on them had crackled and the shiny surface became dull. As I wore them throughout the day, they became more and more ragged. By the time I got home, they looked just as bad as my 3 year old shoes. This is all in one day of use! I am in complete disbelief as to how cheap the material on these shoes is. They are intended to look good enough for you to buy them, but not meant to last longer than the worst/cheapest shoes out there. Terrible. Spend a little more and get nice shoes that last more than a day. Not only am I not going to buy any of these shoes, I am done with Clark shoes. Sad how far they have fallen. Read more

  6. Jim

    These got a two for now the workmanship on the pair I received was not good (I will share photos) but these are extremely comfortable and they are sending a replacement pair and will give higher rating if the are better quality, but I received these on a Friday afternoon and wore them 1 day on Saturday (nothing extensive) just looked at some new houses Saturday and I put them on Monday morning and the stitching is coming apart and a hole had been exposed which is a shame because I found these to be very comfortable possibly my new favorites Read more

  7. Tammy S.

    I bought these for my husband because his feet hurt him so much and most shoes cause him more pain. I had purchased him a pair of brown ones from another site two years ago and he loves them. They aren’t even showing signs of wear really. They are just broke in really good. But he really needed a color choice. So I purchased these in Black from Amazon and they were almost half of the price I paid for the brown ones. Long story short, I got them in and he put them on, he said they are so so comfortable right out of the box. He absolutely loves them. They look really expensive. A very nice looking, well made pair of shoes as well. He has diabetes and neuropathy so getting a pair of shoes that doesn’t cause him pain is almost miracle. If you want a pair of shoes that looks dressy or you can dress down but look sharp these are your go to. And at the end of a long day, you won’t be rushing to take them off. I don’t usually rate things I buy on here but I just had to let others know about these amazingly comfortable shoes. Read more

  8. Bill Price

    Arrived as expected, packaged well. I have pretty normal but wide 9.5 US sized feet. Clark’s have always been comfortable and well sized for me until these. I got a 9.5 wide and while the left shoe was snug, I almost could not get the right shoe on at all because the opening in the shoe was far too small. Even with elastic in the collar under the tongue it was a struggle to get the right shoe on. The shoe rubbed pretty hard on the top of my foot about two inches in front of my ankle leaving a red mark. Once the shoe was on it was tolerable and I felt the shoe would stretch and be more comfortable. That was correct and I will keep the shoes. If I had gotten a non-wide size,which I have previously worn in a Clark, I would not be able to wear these. While the shoes have stretched some the right shoe is still tighter than the left. but does not leave a mark on my foot anymore. Read more

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