Men’s 411 v2 lace-up strolling shoe

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  • a hundred% leather
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • leather-based/synthetic uppe
  • removable insert
  • medicare / hcpcs code = a5500, may be eligible for medicare reimbursement
  • patterns mw411bb2, mw411gr2, mw411bk2, mw411hk2, mw411wt2, and mw411wb2 are accredited medicare/hcpcs code = a5500, and can be eligible for medicare repayment.
  • rubber outsole
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product description

pillow the doorstep with the 411v2 guys’s taking walks shoe from new balance. Plush cushioning underfoot – a soft midsole and heel pillow insert – facilitates you beat foot fatigue on your stroll or on the job. Collar hugs your ankle for every other secure contact, whilst the hook-and-loop closure machine helps you to speedy customise your healthy.

new balance, is devoted to assisting athletes gain their goals. It’s been their task for greater than a century. It’s why they don’t put money into celebrity endorsements. They spend it on research and improvement. It’s why they do not layout products to match an photo. They design them to match. New balance is driven to make the finest footwear for the equal motive athletes lace them up: to obtain the very best.


7, 7 X-Wide, 7.5, 7.5 X-Wide, 8, 8.5, 9, 9 Wide, 9.5, 9.5 X-Wide, 10.5 X-Wide, 12, 13 X-Wide, 14 X-Wide, 15 Wide


White, Black, Grey

8 reviews for Men’s 411 v2 lace-up strolling shoe

  1. Non Paid Reviewer

    Update: originally purchased in 2018. That pair went through hell 40+ hours a week walking an average of 15,000 steps a day (5 days a week) working on concrete floors. The first pair was a steal on sale for $20, I have since paid $50 for other pairs. I use the mesh tops for work, leather tops for school. I use these like a true Dad shoe. I have multiple pairs of varying wear and tear. The old work shoes retire to lawn and garden shoes and the wear around town shoes turn into work shoes. I currently have 5 new pairs in the closet as back ups, 1 of each color and 1 repeat. I love these shoes and my wide (or fat) feet love them too. I wish I had a regular foot that would fit into a Converse and look stylish, I have to buy Converse 1-2 sizes up to get them wide enough for my feet, then they look like clown shoes. So my wife might not like the look of the new balance but I wear them for comfort and I think they look good! Year later update: Don’t bother buying these shoes, I have bought 8 pairs and I want them all to myself. Most comfortable shoe I have ever worn, my wife calls them ugly dad shoes…. But I love walking on clouds. Cycle for 2 hours then go walk 13,000 steps in an 8 hour shift at work, my feet feel great, even if my legs don’t agree. Update: These extra wide fit better than any other new balance I’ve tried. I had to spend $50 on my last pair but I find it to be worth it to have a comfortable fitting shoe. The last New Balance I bought were the exact same size as these, 9.5 and extra wide however they were shorter on the toe by almost an inch. If I ever see these shoes on sale again I may just buy several extra pairs to wear out. White isn’t exactly the best color for work shoes, but for the price how can I complain. They will get dirty soon enough, I spent over $60 on my last pair of “work shoes” for the backs of them to be worn out from repeated use in under 6 months, I also had invested extra in the shoes for the memory foam soles, which I had to add Dr. Scholls inserts in. These $20 shoes should last as long if not longer and feel good wearing them too. 5 out of 5 stars, would buy again. Read more

  2. R

    These are used for working, they are great walking shoes. Work in a place that it requires to stand your whole shift. So they help your feet, giving you the necessary support. Been using this style for a while. It is an exact fit, no need to break them in. Using them for a long time. Great product from New Balance. Read more

  3. Charles S.

    I would caution against purchasing these shoes. I do not understand the length of the tongue. As another purchaser and reviewer also noted, if the uppermost eyelets are used, the shoestrings are effectively strung across the top of your foot. This begins to dig into your foot and becomes VERY uncomfortable in a short span of time. I, as I am sure you do, also use the tongue to pull the shoe up and onto the foot, which the short length of it nearly precludes, at least with ease. Cannot comprehend the stupidity of this design. It has ruined the shoes for me and I consequently limit my use of them. I waited too long to attempt to get a refund, however, so I have to eat the cost. I am now wary and may not buy New Balance tennis shoes for a while, if ever again, particularly for an online purchase where I cannot ensure the length of the tongue. If I were a manager at NB with the authority to do so, I would either fire or severely restrict the “creative” input and license of the designer(s) of these shoes. Be wary of giving free license to morons in this life! Read more

  4. Norman Gallaher

    Fits well, with the exception of the heel area of the shoe. So tour heel is not as secured by the heel of the shoe. Appears they have reduced the height of the shoe in this area, I have measured against my other NB similar shoes. Otherwise, just as expected. Read more

  5. Robert C

    The was the 6th pair of New Balance I have ordered over the years. This most recent order they have a feel of being a cheap sneaker. They changed the laces from a round profile to a flat braided lace, which cut through the 2nd to top eye of the sneaker so I re-laced and skipped that eye, and this time cut the lace, all within a few wearings, seems the eye holes are closer to the edge then in previous pairs I own (I use 1 pair as a work pair and 1 pair as a dress pair). You have to be good to your dogs! I like wearing quality, Time to shop for a new sneaker Read more

  6. Donald L. Jones

    This is my first pair of shoes online and it will certainly not be my last after wearing these for a week. They fit well and they are very comfortable. I think if they are as good as the other products this company sells they will last longer than the expensive ones I was wearing that five times as much. I would recommend any them to anyone who even have sensitive feet. You also can not beat the price. Read more

  7. Norman E & Alma E

    It’s not that comfortable for a new shoe this is suppose to be New Balance. It already hurts my feet right out of the box. Shocking my left foot hurts not the right like always. Trading places I guess. Maybe needs braking in. I’ll see on my next update I bought the black ones. Read more

  8. Objective Fan

    The shoes lived up to expectations. They are as described as to fit, etc. New Balance is one of the few sport shoe makers that seems to understand that everyone is NOT a standard medium width and makes shoes with several options in width. I picked ‘basic black’ as my color for these, but NB does have several options there as well. Read more

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