Jefferson, lightweight sneaker for adults

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  • 100% guy made
  • imported
  • artificial sole
  • shaft measures about low-top from arch
  • clean easy
  • injection molded eva creation
  • rubber rand and toe
  • assessment, marbled, and print treatments available
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product description

say good day to our fan favored, the conventional jefferson slip-on. Encompassing all of the exceptional features which you’d expect from a local shoe, the jefferson is surprise absorbent, smell resistant, hand-cleanable, and comes in an endless collection of colors and treatments. Anticipate nothing less from the conductor of the lite-weight specific.


9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 5 Women/3 Men, 6 Women/4 Men, 7 Women/5 Men, 8 Women/6 Men, 9 Women/7 Men, 10 Women/8 Men, 11 Women/9 Men, 12 Women/10 Men, 13 Women/11 Men, 14 Women/12 Men, 15 Women/13 Men


Metal Bling/Shell White, Shell White/Shell White, Regatta Blue/Shell White, Milk Pink/Shell White, Ski Patrol Red/Shell White, Jiffy Black/Shell White, Pigeon Grey/Shell White, Pacific Blue/Shell White, Rock Salt Bling/Rock Salt Pink, Alaska Bling/Alaska Blue, Dust Pink/Lint Pink, Rose Gold Bling/Shell White, Dublin Grey/Shell White/Marble, Jiffy Black/Jiffy Black, Challenger Blue/Still Blue, Hydrangea Blue/Shell White, Megamarine Blue/Shell White

8 reviews for Jefferson, lightweight sneaker for adults

  1. AMS

    I love my natives. I did struggle with the sizing as I have very wide feet, bunions, and little shoe options always. So annoying. However, my kids love their natives and I wanted to have my own. Im a nanny and I need hassle free, universal shoes so I can be ready for whatever is in store for me. I’m usually in between size 7.5 and 8. The 8 is almost always too long for me but I need it for the width. Anyway, I had ordered a 7 first – too tight. The 8 was so much better. Since my feet are wide it took a few days to break in, but it finally gave. I hope if you have wide feet like me, this helps you with sizing! I’d stick to your normal size. Even with my kids- I had to stick to their current actual sizes are getting the next size was really too big. They flop around and the back comes up. Read more

  2. M. Imgarten

    The Jeffersons run the right length but narrow. You can fix that.if you can handle a little heat for a minute. Set your hair dryer on high/ hot and heat up the part of the shoe that is fitting too snug. The shoes will stretch when heated. DO NOT put them in the dryer and try it that way. The heal shrinks and you can’t get it back. And you’ll mess up the shoes when you try to pull them on your foot when they are hot out of the dryer. Trust me. Stick with the hair dryer approach. Read more

  3. Lyndsay M

    I’m so happy I have these shoes for summer. They are so cute and comfortable and they go with so many outfits. I am hoping they stretch a little bit because my left foot is a bit bigger than my right and I can see that a blister might be coming. I typically wear a 7.5 but went with a 7 and I’m glad I did. An 8 would have been too big. Read more

  4. Wanderingalien

    First of all, I normally wear a size 7.5 – and I wish these came in half sizes because they are just a wee bit snug in the toe box. However, I think going up to an 8 would be way too big. The great thing about these shoes though, is the foam stretches a bit as you wear them and molds to the shape of your foot. The more you rock these, the more comfy they become. A little backstory on my – I shattered both heels in a rock climbing accident 3 years ago and suffer from chronic and intense foot pain. Until I found these, Crocs were the best shoes for me. Well, Native’s are quickly becoming my footwear of choice. They feel so good and look so cute with jeans or tights or leggings. I just love them. I know a lot of people don’t wear socks with these, but I tried that and my foot felt super sweaty and yucky. Also felt like a blister just waiting to happen. So I wear little shoe liner socks that are practically invisible. If you get these, I highly recommend you do the same! These are great though. I want to get a pair in yellow next. Read more

  5. R. Ocampo

    I’m not a flip flops person. I don’t like wearing slippers outside the home. So I elect to wear boat shoes instead. This Native Shoes is a game changer. We buy these for our kids and I decided just this year to buy for myself. I chose the red colour. It’s bright and gives a nice punch to the wardrobe around the pool and beach. For me it adds a touch of class versus walking around in slippers. That’s just my personal preference. It’s not perfect though. The Jefferson model is a bit tight in the opening so you’ll have to squeeze in if you have wide feet. However once wearing them, there is no issue with the width. Also as you can imagine when it gets wet, it does get harder to slip on and off. Finally, the price is not cheap for what it is. Other than that, it’s great. Washable. Lots of holes for breathability. Good traction. More stylish than flip flops. If you are looking for a slipper alternative outside of the house, this is what you’re looking for. Read more

  6. JB_Biz

    Bought these as a more stylish alternative to Crocs, which they do happen to achieve. My main issue with them is that they have a lot less arch support than Crocs (which I would have previously thought was an impossibility). There is very little, if any arch to the bottom of these shoes and as a result, they’re not really suitable for my use (working at a standing desk all day). Read more

  7. E. Marie Sanders

    I purchased another style of Native Shoes before buying my Jefferson pair, so I was familiar with the company. I wanted some white sneakers for the summer and opted for the Jefferson. As soon as they arrived at my house, I put them on. With the exception of one day, I have worn them every day. They are that comfortable. I love that they are easy to clean, so I have no doubt that they will be “summer white” as long as they last. I liked them so much that I purchased a pair for each of my children. Read more

  8. A.J.T.

    I have only had these for a couple days now, but I am surprised at how comfortable they are. I didn’t expect any arch support, but they actually have some decent arches. With no half sizes, I was a little worried. I am a solid 7.5 US women’s size, so I ordered the 7s and the 8s (since there are free returns), and the size 8 was perfect. There is definitely a little room, but they don’t feel or look sloppy, and feel snug enough. They look cute as tennis shoe replacements – definitely with the converse look. I wore them with jeans and loved it. I’m looking forward to testing these out as true water shoes during a kayak trip this weekend. But so far I am excited about them. Read more

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