Guys’s lenox hill cap oxford

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  • one hundred% leather-based
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • shaft measures about low-pinnacle from arch
  • heel measures approximately 1. 25″
  • traditional lace-up oxford featuring blind eyelets and cap toe
  • stacked heel
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lenox hill may be worn with a healthy to the office, then group with with vintage denim for a more informal look off-hours. Glossy, complete rubber cupsole outsole. A traditional lace-up oxford gives cole haan’s signature stylelines.

with almost 80 years within the commercial enterprise and loads of points of distribution within the u. S., cole haan is one in every of the us’s most advantageous luxury brands. Based in 1928 as a collaboration between trafton cole and eddie haan, cole haan epitomized artisan exceptional and impeccable craftsmanship at some stage in a time while style became the whole lot. At the beginning, cole haan became a guys’s footwear label that captured the essence of the 20s spirit with fantastically-designed and properly-made footwear for the dapper gentleman. Nowadays, cole haan brings that background to all of its merchandise, which include guys’s and ladies’s dress and casual footwear, belts, hosiery, purses, small leather goods, outerwear and shades.


6 Wide, 7, 7 Wide, 7.5, 7.5 Wide, 8, 8 Wide, 8.5, 8.5 Wide, 9, 9 Wide, 9.5, 9.5 Wide, 10, 10 Wide, 10.5, 10.5 Wide, 11, 11 Wide, 11.5, 11.5 Wide, 12, 12 Wide, 13, 13 Wide, 14, 14 Wide, 15, 15 Wide, 16


British Tan, Black

7 reviews for Guys’s lenox hill cap oxford

  1. Mark R. Wietstock

    First, the reader should be advised that I’m an “old school” guy that has spent a lifetime grousing about the cost of shoes … ALL kinds of shoes … tennis shoes … dress shoes … hiking shoes … flip-flops … you name it. I’m the guy that regularly prowls the shoe section at re-sellers like Marshalls and Ross, always searching for that once-in-a-lifetime bargain/value that miraculously shows up in my size … “you just gotta get there on the right day …” Am I right, men? While all that prowling has undoubtedly saved me a small fortune over the years, it also taught me something. Sometimes, you just can’t get what you really want unless you’re willing to spend what it costs. That’s the way I feel about these shoes. I knew I wanted a captoe Oxford in this color, and I spent a LONG time looking at LOTS of different makers/designers on Amazon. I never found anything that looked as nice as these Cole Haans. For the reasons explained above, I never previously bought this label, so I wasn’t sure about the sizing. My last pair of high-end dress shoes were Bostonians (and yes … I groused bitterly about the cost when I broke down and bought them), which “ran short.” I got those shoes in 13D, which fit and served me well through some pretty heavy use over a number of years. So, I figured I’d try the same in the Cole Haans. My mistake … in 13D they fit just OK at the widest part of my foot (a little tight, but not uncomfortable), but WAY too long in the toe, and just didn’t fit my foot right. Didn’t have a lot of time to mess around, so I put the first pair aside and re-ordered another pair in 12EE (W), figuring that adjustment would make the perfect fit, and then I’d return the first pair, after I was sure. The second pair fit my foot like a glove, right out of the box. Very comfortable, and a perfect fit for my foot. Unfortunately, with the second pair, I also noticed a small irregularity in the upper sole stitching on one of the two, right at the ball of the foot, and a blemish in the tanning on the tongue of the other. Knowing I would never be happy if I “settled” for that, I put that pair aside too, and ordered a THIRD pair, also in 12EE (W). The third time was indeed the charm … this pair was perfect in every respect, and in my opinion, worth every penny they cost. The “British tan” finish is really nice, and exactly as shown in the photo. The stitching is flawless. The leather is supple and uniform throughout every surface of the shoe. The heels and soles are very thick and strong … a bit stiff at first, but I’m a big guy, so that’s fine with me. My Bostonians had leather soles, and I realized (after wearing completely through one of them) that rubber soles, like these, work better for me because I do as much walking on outdoor surfaces like concrete and asphalt as I do on tile and other indoor surfaces. Amazon made my return of the first two pairs a breeze, and they started processing a full refund on my credit card the same day I dropped the return boxes off with UPS. Thanks, Amazon … you made this particular online shopping experience a real pleasure for me — not only in helping me find these terrific shoes, but also getting them to me quickly, in the perfect condition and size I needed. Once you figure out what size actually fits you, you’ll love these Cole Haans … Read more

  2. JackLA

    I really wish I could return these shoes. They seemed to fit well enough at first, but would rub slightly on my heel. I figured they just needed to be broken in a bit, so kept wearing them. But now 2 months later, I am trying all kinds of inserts or heel pads in the shoes to try to alleviate the pain. But no luck. I am about to donate these to charity and never buy Cole Haan again. Very sad because I bought these as a replacement for the Cole Haan shoes that I used to have that looked just like these. It seems the manufacturing quality has degraded quite a bit…Cole Haan is no longer a premium brand, they are just the best you can get at a Macy’s level price point. Would’ve been better off spending 50% more for a true quality product from another brand. Read more

  3. RZ

    The shoe is true to size, and looks really nice. But my husband wore it for one day, and moisture droplets caused the leather on the toe to bubble into dime-sized blisters. If it was normal water stains they could easily be wiped off and polished. But this left a raised texture that did not go away. I called Cole Haan to ask about that and they said it was not normal and I should return the product. We’ll try to order these again one more time. But my husband has had leather dress shoes that lasted for years without this sort of reaction to water. Something is definitely wrong. I attached pictures to show what I mean – the circles you see are not normal dark water stains. They are raised bubbles. You can feel them. Read more

  4. Ronald

    Don’t listen to the reviews complaining about the quality of these shoes, they cost less than a 100 bucks what do you expect. The leather is better than I thought but I knew it wasn’t going to be a pair of Alden or Allen Edmonds. Read more

  5. Jeremy

    I used these to replace the Cole Haan Caldwells that now seem to be discontinued. They were my go-to for about a decade. These shoes fit as expected if you have a history with Cole Haan. The built of the sole is not good for long periods of standing, leading to pain in various parts of the feet. I find this is caused by shifts in the inner sole lining which is disappointing considering the cost of the shoe. Outside of that, I find that each pair makes an annoying squeaking noise as I walk; again I think this is caused by the fact that the inner sole lining does not stay put. This is very disappointing considering the cost. I would not purchase again. Read more

  6. Andrew Barrett

    Very nice looking shoes. Definitely worth the buy. The sizing is a bit longer than you expect shoe size wise because of the style of the shoe. So I recommend getting a half size down from your current wear. PROS – Very Slick/Professional – Extremely Comfortable – Good Quality and Great for the price CONS – Runs just a bit large. Read more

  7. Joe C.

    As other posters have noted, the dark brown color has some strong reddish tones to it, making it closer to a burgundy than a typical dark brown. This was perfect for me, so I was very happy with the color. The leather is decent quality and holds a shine relatively well. Two things about these shoes could be better, in my opinion. The first is that the leather is very stiff, they wore holes in my heels the second time I wore them, which gave me a deeper appreciation for what women regularly sacrifice in the name of fashion. After this episode, I went after the heel leather by hand, bending it down into the shoe in an effort to break it down a bit. I also applied some leather conditioner and this has really improved the comfort of these shoes, I would highly recommend it! Additionally, the heels in these things are not insignificant. I am used to wearing relatively flat shoes, so this has been a big adjustment and, really, a drawback for me. I have to change how I walk when I wear these shoes, which is kind of a pain. That said, I do like the wooden look of the heels and the look of the shoe overall, so I’m willing to sacrifice a bit of satisfaction for fanciness. Overall, a very good pair of shoes with just a couple negatives that won’t let me give these shoes five stars. Read more

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