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  • a hundred% leather
  • imported
  • synthetic sole
  • plain-toe oxford presenting padded collar and tongue
  • mesh lining
  • comfort era s. U. P. R. O sock insole
  • airport pleasant non-metal shank
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deer stags instances oxford

the times oxford is made the usage of slip ultimate construction, a shoe production method regularly discovered in slippers. This specific approach allows a shoe to be made without an insole board, producing a completely flexible shoe requiring no ruin-in length. And it’s airport pleasant – no metal or plastic shank.

the instances is the final shoe for consolation and flexibility, supplying sneaker comfort mixed with traditional dress shoe styling. Best for any expert, the times is the right fashion for work, and is likewise fantastic for dressing up on special occasions.

deer stags s. U. P. R. O. Technology – this patented eva orthotic sock absorbs shock, gives extra heel cushioning and cradles your foot in all-day cushioned comfort.

enterprise imaginative and prescient

we believe that comfort is greater than only a product feature – it is a circle of relatives cost, a manner of existence, and a guiding principle.

we exhibit this every day, year via year, era by means of technology. For over 50 years, and spanning three generations, deer stags has furnished the folks that put on our footwear the first-rate product their money should purchase.

product description

the instances undeniable toe oxford from deer stags gives classic styling and maximum comfort. A fantastic shoe for the workplace, or for dressing up your informal look, this contemporary oxford boasts a lightweight, cushioning insole that seems like walking on air.

deer stags has been making footwear relaxed due to the fact 1929. Recognized for their patented s. U. P. R. O. Generation and slip-lasted construction, deer stags has emerge as a leader of consolation shoes for men, ladies, and youngsters. From informal to dress and classic to modern, they layout a wide variety of patterns for every person and each event.


7, 7 Wide, 7.5, 7.5 Wide, 8, 8 Wide, 8.5, 8.5 Wide, 9, 9 Wide, 9.5, 9.5 Wide, 10, 10 Wide, 10.5, 10.5 Wide, 11, 11 Wide, 11.5, 11.5 Wide, 12, 12 Wide, 13, 13 Wide, 14, 14 Wide, 15, 15 Wide, 16, 16 Wide


Black, Brown

6 reviews for Guys’s instances

  1. pi314

    Such a shame – this used to be a great brand and I’ve been getting this same exact model for at least 10 years running. A few years ago the quality started going downhill steadily, with the common problem always being that the sole would separate from the shoe. It then became a throwaway shoe that I could get a few months wear out of, but the last two pairs have been ridiculous. This last time I wore them maybe 7 or 8 times and the sole pretty much completely came off. It’s not fastened down by anything other than a thin layer of cheap glue. This in spite of being super careful to unlace them taking them off instead of just kicking them off. Like most brands that used to be well-made, this cheap crap from China has claimed another victim. Read more

  2. Keith

    I do really like how these shoes look out of the box. This look does not last. Unfortunately, they are uncomfortable; even as soon as an hour in, the heels of my feet feel like they are standing on rock. The arch support makes me physically curve my back to comfort myself. Additionally, I got these shoes in January and wear them about 3-4 days per week for work, which is primarily standing and minimal walking. The bottom of the shoes are already peeling off from the top, taking the soles off. This is shown in the picture below. I use a shoe horn when removing and putting my shoes on, so there is never pressure applied to the heel of these shoes. I was also unimpressed with the overall making of the color. I scuffed the top of the front of one of the shoes, above my ring toe. Expecting a scuff in the material, it instead peeled back a thin film coating that is the color of the show. This is apparent in the second picture I am attaching. You can also see the front of the shoe peeling away from the bottom in this picture. This is the other shoe than the one with the heel peeling off. I have always heard good things about Deer Stags, and maybe these shoes would work if you needed something nice to wear for an occasion or two, but you will not get longevity out of these, unfortunately. And for the price point, they are not worth the purchase. Read more

  3. joeU

    I have used these shoes and or a resemblance of these shoes for years. These shoes would last on average about 2 years before needing to be replaced. I have noticed since about 2012 these shoes have changed. They are no longer made of good quality materials meaning the shoe is no longer leather. I have gone back to these twice in the past 6 years and both times have been very disappointed and upset for wasting money. The sole will pull away from the shoe with in two months, the pleather or what ever material the upper is made out of will start to tear in a month or two. The sole is not slip resistant like it use to be. Save your money and buy something else. It is a shame, these use to be really good shoes. Read more

  4. Pastor Eric

    Within two months wearing it only on Sunday mornings (I am a pastor and only need to wear nice shoes while preaching) the whole bottom part of the shoe came off very poorly made and because it was over 30 days I was unable to click the option to return it. very disappointing I’m out $50 and a pair shoes. Read more

  5. AA

    Bought my first times back in 2003 and were the best most comfortable dress shoes I ever put on.. been through a pair about every 3 years and bought a pair in 2011 and they tore up the back of my foot at the top of the shoe.. it hurt and bled. thought it was just a badly made pair.. so I bought another a few months later and same thing.. what they did was change from good leather to some immitation leather that digs into your skin until you bleed.. deer stags ruined what use to be my favorite shoes!! cheapen something good up management trying to make a penny and lose a dollar.. and lose your long time customers. Read more

  6. bbean

    I’ve had several pairs of Deerstags over the years 12 to be exact. The last two pairs I’ve purchased have fallen apart in 4-6 months. With normal travel between the office and transport. While the ones previous have lasted 18months or better. The new ones soles have quickly come apart from the leather at the toe or heal making itso repairs are needed frequently. Just seems that the method the company is now using has changed. Overall the quality has gone from great to awful. I cannot recommend the purchase of this brand of shoe any longer. Deerstags one were my shoe of choice. Now I’m forced to find a replacement and will not recommend them unless quality and craftsmanship is restored. *shakes head * sad face * Read more

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