Girls’s velour clog slipper

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  • imported
  • synthetic sole
  • shaft measures approximately not_applicable from arch
  • cozy velour lining and footbed
  • df adapt gives breathable, no sweat consolation
  • multi-density at ease cushioned insole with reminiscence foam
  • indoor/outdoor outsole
  • system cleanable! Gentle system wash cold, air dry flat
  • closure kind: slip-on
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from the producer

dearfoams is understood for tender, heat fabric and reminiscence foam cushioning.

a combination of undying looks and fresh, style-forward designs method there’s a slipper to suit every fashion.

superior substances and modern technologies ensure a degree of in shape and sturdiness that simplest dearfoams can supply.

made to like

we’re a small agency with a whole lot of coronary heart and an extended records. In 1947, our founder became her vision into fact whilst she delivered the cloud-like comfort of foam to trendy slippers. Many years later, or dedicated layout team continues to create quite at ease products that people like to put on.

product description

time to toss those vintage slippers and deal with your ft to an improve! Definition adapt temperature-regulating era guarantees no-sweat comfort, while a cozy blend of velour lining and reminiscence foam insoles turn every step into a spa day. First-class of all, versatile indoor/outdoor outsoles provide support regardless of wherein the day takes you. הגיע הזמן לזרוק את נעלי הבית הישנות האלה ולטפל ברגליים שלך בשדרוג! הגדרה מותאמת טכנולוגית ויסות טמפרטורה מבטיחה נוחות ללא זיעה, בעוד שילוב נעים של בטנת קטיפה ומדרסים מקצף זיכרון הופכים כל צעד ליום ספא. והכי חשוב, סוליות חיצוניות מגוונות לפנים/חוץ מספקות תמיכה לא משנה לאן היום לוקח אותך. Es ist zeit, die alten hausschuhe zu werfen und ihre füße mit einem upgrade zu verwöhnen! Definition adapt temperaturregulierende technologie verspricht keinen schweißkomfort, während eine gemütliche kombination aus velours-futter und memory-schaum-einlegesohlen jeden schritt in einen spa-tag verwandeln. Das beste ist, vielseitige außen-/außensohlen bieten unterstützung, egal wohin der tag sie führt. حان الوقت للتخلص من تلك الشباشب القديمة ودلل قدميك لترقية! تقنية ضبط درجة الحرارة تعدك بعدم التعرق، في حين أن المزيج المريح من البطانة المخملية والنعل الداخلي من الإسفنج الذكي يحول كل خطوة إلى يوم استجمامي. والأفضل من ذلك كله، توفر النعال الخارجية متعددة الاستخدامات في الأماكن المغلقة والمفتوحة الدعم بغض النظر عن المكان الذي تذهب إليه اليوم. É hora de jogar aqueles chinelos velhos e cuidar dos seus pés com um melhor! A tecnologia de regulação de temperatura adaptada de definição promete conforto sem suor, enquanto uma combinação aconchegante de forro de veludo e palmilhas de espuma viscoelástica transforma cada passo em um dia de spa. O melhor de tudo, solas versáteis para ambientes internos/externos oferecem suporte, não importa onde o dia leve você. 是时候扔掉那些旧的拖鞋,呵护您的双脚升级了! 定义适应温度调节技术保证不会出汗的舒适,同时天鹅绒衬里和记忆泡沫鞋垫的舒适组合将每一步都变成一个温泉日。 最重要的是,多功能室内/室外外底,无论您走到哪里,都能提供支撑。 오래된 슬리퍼를 던져 발을 업그레이드할 시간입니다! 선명도 적응 온도 조절 기술은 땀 없는 편안함을 약속하며, 벨루어 안감과 메모리 폼 안창의 아늑한 조합으로 매 걸음마다 스파 데이로 변합니다. 무엇보다도, 다용도 실내/실외 밑창은 언제 어디서나 지지력을 제공합니다.


Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


Black, Peacoat, Sleet

8 reviews for Girls’s velour clog slipper

  1. Laurie

    I bought the large and I wear a 9-1/2 and they JUST fit. Could have been a little bigger, but they are fine and the memory foam makes them very comfortable. A word about the complaints from some people about the tag on the inside sole– anyone with a stitch ripper can take the tag out in 20 seconds. It really was no big deal at all. If you don’t have a stitch ripper, you can probably still take the tag out with a straight pin, but the stitch ripper was very effective. Read more

  2. Joyce G.

    These are a little smaller and tighter than my last pair of the same size. The cushion is thicker on the heel part and thinner at the front of the shoe. The label stitched into the bottom of the slipper is irritating and needed to be removed. The plastic fasteners attaching the packaging go through the bottom of the slippers and leave small holes. Read more

  3. B. Jeanelle Ray

    I am dissatisfied with this purchase. The right slipper twists on my foot. My heel hangs off the slipper. It twists on my foot and is a serious danger to me. I am trying to recover from 3 botched surgeries in 6 years. I could have had a tragic fall because of these slippers. I order from Amazon because shopping is not an option for me. Trying to do returns adds additional stress. There are some returns that I do. But I don’t expect to receive a seriously defective product from Amazon. You should have had quality control, Amazon, for an item that could have caused serious injury or death to a Senior citizen. It will be a hassle just digging in my closet for an old pair of Merrill’s. Jeanelle Jeanelle Read more

  4. carmen craig

    These slippers tore, I mean the sole came right off, such a disappointment cause I loved these slippers. Second pair since Christmas 😡 Read more

  5. Christine LaRocca

    I’m a long-time fan of Dearfoam. The quality is as expected, with solid (yet bendable) sole, nice fabric bright black. I wasn’t sure if buying this way would compromise the size, meaning, are they manufactured differently than what I’m familiar with. With that in mind, I ordered large, even though I wear 8, a medium (which here is 7-8), So these do run true to size, and the large is bigger than I need. I want to mention that the instep is high, and there is ample room. Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    Unfortunately, my pair seemed to run small. My feet are 10.5 so I thought the Xlarge (11/12) would be more than big enough but there was less than a 1/4″ between my heel and the back of the slipper. They seemed comfortable although the tags inside the shoe felt weird on my bare feet. The other significant problem is that they gather static electricity. I found out when I went to go pet my parrot and luckily, my finger touched the cage bar first which discharged the electric shock. I have a Senny, so I am worried about how a shock might affect a small bird. Disappointed because I have been buying Dearfoam slippers for years. Read more

  7. Michael J. Eckman

    My wife prefers slippers like these with a small lip on the back to prevent them from sliding off. She was happy with these slippers and they fit her foot fine. She normally wears a 7.5 to 8 size women’s shoe and this was good fit. Although soft and comfortable when new, the padding near the heel quickly becomes compressed and she said that she thought they could use more support in this area. Still, for the money, these are a decent buy, just don’t expect them to last a long time before they completely wear out. I’m still giving these 4 stars for the price but being sold under the “Dearforms” brand name, I expected more. Read more

  8. FC

    I love the slippers, but the sizing is a little deceiving. I have bought this brand before and have a pair that are almost the exact same style. I bought medium (7-8) the last time and they ran a little large on my feet and were a little floppy after a while. This time I bought the small/medium and they were way too small. For reference I’m usually a 7-7.5. I went back and purchased the medium and they are perfect – not big at all. The sizing in this brand is inconsistent so I would definitely read reviews prior to purchasing. They are very soft and comfy. No memory foam. Just the regular cushioning. Read more

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