Girls’s indulge gracie slipper – women toe-put up thong slippers with hid orthotic arch support

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  • material
  • synthetic sole
  • fabric higher. Fabric covered eva footbed. Tpr with fabric outsole.
  • received apma (american podiatric scientific affiliation) seal of acceptance
  • your new favored slippers: for the girl who loves a toe-submit, gracie’s steeply-priced terry top and footbed make an afternoon at domestic feek like an afternoon at the spa.
  • girls’s slippers with wide size variety! Your new favourite indoor slippers for girls are to be had in sizes five – 12. If half of-sized, we suggest ordering the closest length down.
  • vionic shoes: particular three-zone comfort technology is concealed into all vionic footwear, handing over essential guide that hugs your foot’s herbal curves in all of our informal, get dressed, lively, and slipper styles. Revel in the vionic distinction: on-fashion fashion, unmatched match, and feel-brilliant health from the floor up. Acquired apma (american podiatric medical affiliation) seal of attractiveness. Vionic. Fashion you need. Consolation you crave.
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for the female who loves a toe-post, gracie’s high-priced terry higher and footbed make a day at domestic feek like a day on the spa.


5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12


Light Grey, Black

8 reviews for Girls’s indulge gracie slipper – women toe-put up thong slippers with hid orthotic arch support

  1. Lori

    I work from home, chase a high energy little one & cook a full dinner on a hard kitchen floor each night. With a history of back & hip troubles, along with the majority of my time being in the home, I feel perfectly okay investing in comfortable, supportive, around-the-house slippers. I previously purchased a moccasin style Vionic slipper for the fall/winter months. Being in the deep south, they just seemed too cozy warm for the upcoming spring/summer. I saw these & I was so excited! The problem I find is just how heavy they are. It isn’t so heavy my legs can’t pick it up, before you just roll your eyes . . . It is the blend of the soft stretchy thong portion paired with the quite heavy sole that makes for a really uncomfortable walking experience. Standing still isn’t bad . . . but walking around in them is downright annoying. I find myself kicking them off without even thinking. I wish they would have created a more sturdy thong structure to accomodate for the weight of the sole. Because of my prior experience with Vionic, I threw the box away . . . so I’m unsure if they’d even accept a return on them. I’ve tried them out for about a week. Overall, I am just pretty dissapointed. 😣 Read more

  2. ROB W.

    I’m a size 7.5 and bought these in a 7. They fit in length perfectly, but are roomy. Before these, I put CVS plantar fasciitis inserts in my moccasins. It worked until my moccasins fell apart. As someone mentioned, The top thong either stretches or leaves too much room so my foot is moving about, which doesn’t feel secure esp. when I’m chasing my 3 year old. The material is very soft, but they are so bottom heavy that I feel like I am struggling to keep them on my feet. I’m so sorry I spent $65.00 on these. Come winter, I will get my moccasins and put my $9.99 inserts from CVS pharmacy. Read more

  3. diane lopez

    I was really surprised. My Dr said my feet hurt because I have a small arch & that I’m wearing flat shoes. No matter the arch size we should be wearing shoes that have arches in them. Instead we buy shoes that are flat & expect are foot to be conform to what the shoe manufacturer wants. When we do this we have foot pain, leg pain & back. Dr said if I would find a good pair I would stop having pain. So I researched & found these & decided to try. As God is my witness my pain stop at once. I’m so excited about this fine & three months later still no pain. I’m in the process of buying more Vioncs shoes. Not insoles but actual shoes. I might add this was not a foot Dr. he’s my eye surgeon. Read more

  4. Taebaker

    The Vionic house shoes feel great at first, soft and fluffy with great arch support however, the material does not last long under the toes and heel. For the price they charge I think the material should last as long as the rest of the shoe does. The pair I got 2 1/2 months ago are almost worn through already and I don’t wear them all day/everyday. Read more

  5. Liz Huston

    I love the fact that my feet don’t hurt in these but they are very heavy and after two weeks they are too loose. For the money I am not too happy, I am a loyal vionic customer but these disappoint Read more

  6. Sarah Hickey

    So very disappointed! I am a Vionic fan, wear them all the time (seriously, can’t go bare foot and wear Vionic’s at home), have at least I0 pair of Vionic’s, have had many for years and truly love Vionics. So, when I saw these cute leopard house shoes/slippers I thought they’d be perfect for around the house. Put them on and they were fine if standing still, but the moment I tried to walk they slipped on the heals and I couldn’t get foot to grip the fuzzy fabric so I could step without sliding. I wanted them to work so badly, but they just don’t work. Too heavy of a sole, too high of a heal for around the house and the fact I can’t get a real step in because my heals just slide all over the slippery fabric make these impossible. Read more

  7. goodvibes13

    They fit as expected but the straps quickly stretch out & then they don’t fit as snugly. They show dirt very quickly and I don’t feel like I have dirty feet – though I do tend to sweat. I suffer from plantar fasciitis so I have to wear slippers whenever I am at home. I have been wearing these constantly since I bought them and within 3 months the footbeds of them have practically worn through – in places the gray has completely worn out and there are completely bare spots. They also don’t seem as supportive anymore and my feet have begun to ache again. I am very disappointed that I only got a few months out of these slippers, previous arch support slippers have lasted me a year+ so it’s not that I’m super hard on them, these are just poorly made. Read more

  8. Pat Gadaleta

    after wearing them only a couple of hours off and on, the tops of my feel and inbetween my toes were very sore !! There is not enough fur to protect the whatever the slipper is made of on top, Also very thin fur on the bed of the foot. The upper part of these slippers are made EXTREMELY CHEAP !! which is a shame because the bottom of the slipper is designed perfect. However if I am paying this kind of money for slippers, I would expect the entire slipper to be make for extreme comfort all over. I should have listened to other reviews and not wasted my time ordering these. I am returning them. I truly wish Vionic would concentrate as much on the top of their slippers as they do on the bottom part ! Read more

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