Boys tennis footwear lightweight footwear for women tennis walking shoes for little youngster and big child

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  • rubber sole
  • fabric and synthetic higher,maintains feet dry and breathable while strolling.
  • elasticized laces with hook-and-loop strap, and padded tongue and collar,clean to place on/off.
  • anti-collision shoes head, defensive kids from hard object. Mesh lining and cushioned foam footbed for a superb in-shoe experience.
  • rubber outsole layout,offers effect cushioning,abrasion-resistant and anti-slip overall performance,stay secure on slippery roads.
  • forms of styles and colours for you preference,perfect for kids wear to the faculty, walking,tennis,jogging, jogging and any informal occasions.
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product description

vivay little kids/big youngsters lightweight footwear for strolling,going for walks,tennis,school

the facet of the shoe has a fish-scale design,make shoes appearance more three-dimensional

this brilliant colour is especially suitable for youngsters,lively and sunny

engineered mesh in higher for optimum breathability,no longer pungent, ans stuffy

defend children’ toe whilst walking, prevent harm, and stroll extra thoroughly. Efficaciously shield kids’ ft from scrapes whilst doing outdoor sports

excessive flexibility and lightweight, durable & skid resistant sole irregularity and double wear-resisting, shock-absorbing, lithe, offers a safety environment for children

smooth insole offers a at ease feeling,btrathable mesh cloth top allows youngsters ft to breathe freely,padded collar and padded tongue all offer comfort


1 Little Kid, 2 Little Kid, 3 Little Kid, 12 Little Kid, 13 Little Kid, 4 Big Kid, 5 Big Kid


1a-grey&green, 1b-black, 1c-yellow, 1e-pink, 1f-blue&orange, 2-black&green, 2-purple, 2-rose Red, 3a-grey, 3b-black&red, 3c-pink, 3d-dark Blue, 3e-grey&orange, 3f-blue&pink, B-black&green, B-black&pink, B-black&red, 1d-dark Blue, B-dark Blue&orange

8 reviews for Boys tennis footwear lightweight footwear for women tennis walking shoes for little youngster and big child

  1. meletladyleaf

    My almost six year old outgrows his shoes AND wears them out quickly. These are holding up really well and he loves wearing them. Good price too – I will probably buy them again when it’s time. Read more

  2. Jenn

    **update** we had them for 2.5 months, the sole and the bottom inside against the heel wore out completely. My son is very active and routinely runs 5 miles a day a few times a week. Going to spend more on sturdier running shoes next. Still think these are good school only shoes/scootering. I bought a size 1 / little boy for a 5 year old, fits perfectly. Likes: – Lightweight and not too tight – Easy to put on and off – He said its great for running Dislikes: – The velcro strap doesn’t look that secure / looks cheap. Would find a way to sew it on more securely. – Doesn’t look waterproof or water resistant, I mean many shoes aren’t, but this one looks unusually not I don’t expect it to last that long but for the price and fact that kids grow so quickly, it’s a great deal Read more

  3. Jennifer Adams

    We absolutely loved the shoes at first, we Purchased a gray pair and a blue pair. My son mostly wears the gray pair and loves them. Unfortunately the Velcro strap has begun to fall apart and within the next couple of weeks will no longer work and the shoes will have to be thrown away. We’ve only had them for several months now, if that. I guess next time we’ll just fork out the big chunk of change for a name brand pair of shoes. Read more

  4. davidk

    Well made and tough material. These shoes have survived my 5yo kid who destroys shoes. Light and comfortable. He really likes them. Strap needs reinforcement, so I super glued a 1/2” wide nylon strip (see photo after about two weeks of abuse). Will stick with these as he ages Read more

  5. Kelly M.

    My 5 year old has worn these for 2 months now. They have held up better than most name brand shoes and still look in great shape. I will definitely be buying another pair. Read more

  6. Barbara R. Bess

    I bought these and 2 other pairs of running shoes for my daughter, who wears a 13 in most shoes. She is a petite 9-year-old but very active and athletic. The other two pairs I bought for her were 13.5 and another brand – too small and rigid. This pair is on the large side, but fit her very well. She says they are comfortable and has been running around in them the past few days since we got them. They’re cute and a good value for the price. Read more

  7. Linda D.

    These shoes are better for summer months or areas that have warm weather . Has very light weight canvas top and very little support . We needed something in a hurry , and I ordered these I prefere heavier sneakers that are better built and provide arch support These weren’t expensive but I would not buy them again . Read more

  8. Nikki

    This product is amazing! Very durable. Especially for kids that are rough and energetic. I like the Velcro strap so easy to get shows on and off. Size was perfect. Color is nice!! Read more

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