Apex – men’s wintry weather, water-resistant/insulated, mid-height leather-based snow boot with detachable liner and speed-lacing fastening gadget

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  • one hundred% leather-based
  • tall water-proof leather boot with quick-lace device, pull-on loop, and grippy lugged outsole
  • bloodless rating: -148 f
  • eight-layer detachable inner boot device
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product description

product description

harsh winter? So what! This apex insulated from baffin will defend you and preserve you heat against all of the factors. Made with the finest craftsmanship, this boot is absolutely water-proof and has all the consolation era which you want and need in a hardworking boot.

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harsh winter? So what! This apex insulated from baffin will shield you and maintain you warm towards all the factors. Made with the greatest craftsmanship, this boot is fully water resistant and has all the comfort technology that you want and need in a hardworking boot.

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twenty-five years in the past baffin footwear began manufacturing insulated and non-insulated footwear products. At the same time as traditional molded boots are appropriate for a few situations, they’re no longer best for cold temperatures. Baffin combines main molding era with a foam-based totally internal boot machine, which creates a hybrid style of excessive-overall performance footwear. This equates to more warmth, better healthy, and superior consolation. Baffin boots are exceptional than most footwear and work boots because the only and midsole are molded to the base in one continuous system. The sole itself is a marvel of cutting-edge engineering due to the fact it is made up of numerous advanced thermo-set polymers which might be blended together to obtain the proper stability of warmth, protection, low weight and grip. Baffin is dedicated to providing boots with functionality and style, while nevertheless preserving their legendary overall performance.


7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14


455 – Black/Bark, Black

5 reviews for Apex – men’s wintry weather, water-resistant/insulated, mid-height leather-based snow boot with detachable liner and speed-lacing fastening gadget

  1. B.H.

    I’ve always used Sorel’s for winter hunting (whitetails from a tree stand or late season glassing for elk/mule deer) and occasionally some ice fishing or predator hunting. I generally don’t hike in these type of boots and if I do, it’s a very short distance (500 yards). My Sorel’s lasted forever, but it was time to get another pair. My last pair were rated for really cold weather, but I figured I would go even more extreme. I figure why not? I wanted something with enough stiffness to be able to climb a hill. Some of the other pack boots, especially those with nylon uppers, just collapse when hiking on any type of a hill. Heaven forbid you ever need to side-hill for a bit, you’ll roll your ankle or they’ll slip right out from under you. So some reasonable level of support and tread was needed. As others have stated, these run very small. I typically wear a size 11.5 sneaker and in shoes I’ll go 11 or 11.5. I ordered size 12 and 13 in these boots. I couldn’t even get my foot into the 12 and the 13 was too tight with just a silk sock liner on. My goal is to wear a very thin sock liner and then a medium weight wool hiking sock. This is what I typically wear in all my hiking boots, even in the summer, so it’s not a bulky setup by any means. That setup often fits in a size 12 boot for me. So I returned the 12s and 13s and ordered the 14’s and 15’s. I figured with free shipping and returns why not. Plus they were on sale for $130, so I really wanted to find a solution. The 15s were clearly too big. The 14s were good, even with the my sock setup on. After some careful testing around the house I decided to return them for a couple reasons: 1) When I simulated hiking up hill the boot flexed in such a manner that the top of the boot (the rubber above my arch) would flex inward, towards my foot. This would put hard pressure on the top of my foot, above the arch. If wasn’t a deal breaker per se, but it felt uncomfortable. It’s just the way the book collapsed as it flexed. 2) While these feel more stable and solid than most pack boots, they still didn’t feel as solid as my current Sorels. (Not all Sorels are solid, they have huge differences too). These gave pretty good ankle support, but I felt I could find better. 3) Liner – it’s more of poly liner, almost puffy without real substance around the sides and top. Similar to a Thinsulate liner. If your foot pushed off to one side, it felt like the liner was collapsing and your foot was much closer to the rubber outside (which is cold). It may work great for warmth when sitting still and not moving, but I felt it would reduce the thermal insulating benefits for me. It just didn’t have the same substance as a good solid, thick, wool liner. PROs – Good construction – Good tread for gripping the ground – Nice sharp edge lines to grip while side-hilling (rounded edges are the worst!) – Decent stiffness in sole UNDECIDED – Rates well for cold weather, but I didn’t test it. So I would be curious to see how warm it really was given my observations of the liner. – Leather outside – I’m not saying it was, but it also appeared like a “pleather”. It certainly wasn’t the same rock solid leather I typically see in hiking boots or my past Sorel pack boots. It didn’t look like it would absorb a snow sealer. So I was a little skeptical to see how they would hold up. Not a huge concern, given I don’t beat my pack boots up too much, but something I would watch out for. CONs – Runs very small – While better than most, still felt there are pack boots out there that offer more ankle support – Non-wool liner, felt little too soft and wasn’t holding it’s loft the way a good felt liner does. Could create cold spots. I really wanted these boots to work for me and walk away feeling they were the best. While they offer a great value at the sale price, I would pay more to find a boot where I was 100% satisfied. Read more

  2. Bruce Sweet

    From Alaska, Love these boots. Definitely cold weather boots. Too warm if it is above 15 degrees. Very well constructed, for a boot this size they have a surprisingly small outside dimension. Definitely not a bunny boot. Great ankle support, and the sole design works well on ice and snow. They are attractive, double stitched on uppers and triple stitched on the lowers. The entire upper is leather. The roller eyelets make lacing easy and reduces wear on the laces. Easy to put on and wear comfortably all day. Read more

  3. Mr. Z1R-TC

    I use the Baffin Apex treestand hunting in NW MT for elk and the upper Midwest for deer. Treestand hunting requires you to be virtually motionless and the wind also attacks the bottom of your feet. I use them whenever the temperature is below 20F and I know I will be motionless. Due to the 8-layer insulation the cold and wind has not penetrated the top or bottom of the boot and kept my feet warm to -10F over a 4 hour period of sitting. I am very warm blooded and do spend a great deal of time outdoors all year round. To not sweat your feet on your way out, walk very slowly or your feet will be cold in any boot. Sweating reduces footwear insulation 19-25% (30-37% in toes). Sizing: I am a size 8-1/2 dress shoe, 9 running shoe, and a size 9 Baffin Apex is tight with only a liner. Due to my very cold use requirements I went to a a size 11 to accommodate for the polypropylene liner, heavy wool sock and Bama Sockett I use to keep my feet warm for those long motionless sits. For deep snow use I also purchased the Baffin Endurance with a draw cord top cuff or you can buy extra large gaiters. FYI: I am still working on it, but from extensive reading about boot temperature measuring, it seems to only be a general reference about a 30 minute static machine test to measure a 10C drop in temp. To me cold ratings mean: -50F = cold use boot, -100F = very cold use boot, -150% = severe cold boot and don’t expect to be standing in these prolonged temps with warm feet. These ratings also don’t seem to take into account moisture and that every person is different in how their body regulates temperature. Best MT Elk Hunter Read more

  4. Gary Fredericks

    Boot is a little tight but not uncomfortably so. I anticipate it loosening as I break-in the boots. All in all it is a very well made and warm boot that will withstand the 40 below zero Fahrenheit cold that I experience in my home state of Montana. Read more

  5. Benjamin Lassiter

    I spent the winter in Alaska. it was the Coldest in the last 25 Years with the most snow in 30! I bought these boots and never regretted it. -Very Warm i wore these in -46 Degrees and was fine. i worked outside for 4 hours at a time and was fine most days. -Very Comfortable. it was like slipping your foot into a boot full of pillows no other boot can compare in comfort. -Construction is very durable tough leather lots of thick stitches these will last for a long time. -Great Grip i used these for working as well as hiking in 4 feet of snow. the traction pattern is great for this kind of weather and i rarely slipped when everyone around me was. -Very High boot that keeps out snow and water. this boot comes up the the mid-high shin a few insches bellow the knee. -waterproof. my feet never got wet. and i never had to use toe warmers. – i was able to use these boots as snowboard boots the fit right in my bindings. they are not as stiff but make great back country ski or snow board boots depending on your binding setup. (Rocker Snow Board Bindings for Skis) Overall this is easily a 5 star boot and the only reason i survived my winter in Alaska i would buy these again and i highly recommend to anyone who does cold weather activity. many people buy what are called “bunny boots” or “Mickey mouse boots” but these boots provide much better durability and traction as well as being much better for hiking. Read more

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