A Universal Love Story
by Natalie Macmahon

An “Augmented” Couple
By Duca Simone Luchini

by Or Sinai

Breakfast In Bed
by Tobias Krebs

Dark Waves – Bellerofonte
by Alexander Cimini

Dna Of Wild Beasts
by Delphine Montaigne

Don’T Try To Change My Mind
by Donna Greenberg, David Rawlings

Dying For A Living
by Adriana Falcinelli

End Unsung
by Rolf Lindblom

by Sean Wehrli

by Henry Gravelle

Hug It Out
by Jason Eksuzian

Jim Cuddy – You Be The Leaver
by Matthew Barnett, Tatjana Green

Ladies Night
by Johnnie Brannon

Leave A Print
by Christina S. Nerland

by Gokce Erenmemisoglu

by Raul Simao

Lucky Day
by J.L. Wolfenstein

Marie Laveau
By M.C. Beato

by Alaska Bouvet

Siyyu – ‘Stop Us’
by Fermín Cimadevilla

Sky Lounge
by Ozgur Ozcan

Sliding Away
by Bob Findlay

Split Second
by Guillaume Letellier

by Farid Salame

The Distances Between
by Aimie Willemse

The Door
by Robert Cox

The Mushroom King
by Steve Trebilcock

The Queen
by Hugo Teugels

The Singer
by Steven Swancoat

The Son, The Father…
by Lukas Hassel

Too Close
by Emily O’Brien