Chicago Independent Film Festival accepts films produced in the past 36 months from either new or seasoned filmmakers. Documentaries, comedies, dramas, horrors films, animated work and scripts are all acceptable. The Festival is due to take place from 21 August 2018.

The aim of the Festival is to expand the cultural and artistic offerings of the Chicago city. The organizers hope to provide opportunities for both individuals and organizations to meet and celebrate independent filmmakers as well as other local artists. The creative contributions of youth will be recognized as well as those of adults while also benefiting the community socially, educationally, and economically.

Anyone can participate except people who have previously participated. The contest welcomes both U.S. and foreign filmmakers but their films have to have English subtitles if not in English.
Digital copies, online screeners, or links to online videos like Vimeo or YouTube are preferred.A password, if required, should also be included. Otherwise, entrants should send a thumb-drive or DVD that is clearly labeled.